TA Group becomes BT Signaal
and creates BT Skyrise

Wednesday the 5th of March TA Group changes name to BT Signaal and new brand BT Skyrise is created. We are a part of an international strong brand focusing on European market and delivering solutions and services within Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS).

Since TA Group was incorporated in 2008 we were developing competences within software development and development of SPA&FitnessManager and Webflow products. In 2012 our competencies were well recognized by Norwegian company BT Signaal which became a major shareholder. This allowed us further development of the company and accelerated the building of competencies within cloud technologies.

Therefore one year later we are changing name to BT Signaal, to support common identity and building strong brand focusing on European market for delivering solutions and services within ITS (Intelligent Transportation Systems). As part of BT Signaal our main focus will be development of products and operational support of the mother company in Norway. The name change will be in effect by the 5th of March 2014.

At the same time we are introducing BT Skyrise which main focus will be delivering software development services especially using cloud technologies for the customers in Europe and USA. Through the BT prefix, we want to emphasize international character of the company and appearance of strong partner (main shareholder), encouraging development of the company.

Above mentioned changes are not affecting any currently running projects, and does not imply any change to the company and its management.

E-mail addresses of contacts in BT Signaal will be firstname.surname@btsignaal.com and in BT Skyrise firstname.lastname@btskyrise.com. Phone numbers, office address and more information you can find on our websites: www.btsignaal.com or www.btskyrise.com

Yours sincerely
Jarosław Pilarczyk
CEO BT Signaal, Poland

BT Signaal
BT Signaal
Spa&Fitness Manager